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people we knew him said he spent quite a bit of time in the marine corps and had spent some time overseas. let's flashback to about 2:00 this afternoon when police got a 911 call to this town home. there had been some kind of domestic incident happening inside that home. the police found a man outside and apparently had a weapon. a woman who witnessed it described it this way. >> the guy was on the steps and he had something in his hand. there were all these cops, and the next thing i know, i think i hear one shot. >> it is still early in the investigation for the police. they are not saying how many officers were involved or how many shots were fired or anything else about the victim. no police officers were injured and no other people in the area were injured just one victim who was shot and killed,
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allegedly by police and earlier this afternoon. >> we are on storm watch tonight. there is potential -- was potential for some problems during the morning rush-hour. doug hill joins us with a first look at what we can expect. >> if we have been issued to mark, it will be toward the tail end of the rush-hour. right now there are no problems outside. a few clouds rolling in. we have been checking r cameron network all afternoon long. this is the pattern we are seeing with high clouds advancing slowly from west to east around the area. that will be the story through the overnight hours as well. then a cold front later in the day. there could be a little snow sleet, or rain. it will warm up to near 50 degrees and then turn sharply colder as we head for the late
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afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. 39 degrees in washington, and it will be chilly through the overnight hours. just a touch of wintry precipitation for a couple of hours. we will keep a close eye on it for you. >> the debate over a white house plan to revise the immigration law is taking center stage overnight. a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers is trying to come up with a plan of its own. florida senator mark o. rubio calls the obama plan dead on arrival. rebecca is live from the newsroom with the latest on this contentious issue. >> the president had promised to work with both sides on this controversial issue. it is one that has taken center stage sent republicans lost key support from hispanics in the
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last presidential campaign. as the immigration debate heats up, voters are divided on whether congress and the white house should make the issue a top priority. >> i don't think immigration reform is one of my top priorities right now. keeping the economy moving in a forward direction is where the focus should be. >> immigrants are a big part of why the u.s. is as successful as it is. >> immigration has long divided republicans and democrats. a bipartisan group is making progress towards compromise, which now seems in danger after plans from the white house leaked out. >> this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or he does -- or does he want to get political a bandage in the next election?
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>> it is not going to work. we will not be able to get the votes to pass in the house. >> the president's new chief of staff insist it was only meant as a backup if the bipartisan proposal stalls in the house or senate. >> he says it is dead on arrival. >> keep in mind that the bipartisan compromise is still a work in progress. there is no actual plan yet to unveil. the democrats say give it time, and republicans say there will be a link between illegal immigrants obtain green cards and tightening border security. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> new at 6:00, prince george's county is now the center of the gun-control debate, after announcing it has issued a temporary moratorium on gun shows on public property.
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our news part reports on events have been postponed until lawmakers in annapolis and d.c. have finished debating gun control measures. gun shows like one last week in chantilly have been packed with people since the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. one show has already been scrapped as a result of this decision. >> d.c. police are asking for help in the search for two robbers suspects who stabbed a man on his way to meet co- workers at a restaurant. they say happened friday night near the brooklyn the metro station. -- brookland metro station. >> police said the man was walking down this street toward one of the restaurants behind me in the heart of this northeast neighborhood of brookland. when he got out of the car, he was suddenly stabbed and robbed. police say he never had a chance.
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>> he saw a robbery victim walking down the street with a knife sticking out of his chest. >> i am de shocked that happen. >> police say the victim was on his way to a restaurant on 12th street friday just after 6:00 p.m.. deputies say he parked his car on 10 straight across from kathleen university, a highly track -- highly traveled area at that time of the day. police say one man approached him from the front and another from behind, and without warning or provocation one suspect stabbed the victim in the chest. >> that kind of thing does not happen on this street. >> you have people attacking people out here on the street before the robbery actually happens. that is a bit more serious than most of the other stuff we see progress, according to sources
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the suspect behind him rifled through the man's pockets and yelled nothing, and then both men took off with the knife still lodged in the man's chest. he continued on to the restaurant about three blocks away, while friends called 911. >> we really need to be concerned about our neighbors who had to walk that link with a knife in his chest. how are going to work together as a community to help one another? >> police say this is the first case they know of in this area, and they are hard at work trying to find the suspects because they do not want there to be a second case. >> a couple of developments in the cruise ship disaster in the gulf of mexico. >> tonight what investigators are saying about the cause of the engine failure of the ship. >> the next act in the career of hillary clinton. >> tens of thousands could be
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losing their
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> time is running elk for the white house and congress to
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avoid sequestration cuts. just a week and half from march 1, lawmakers are not hard at work, they are on vacation. >> it does not sit well with many federal workers, whose financial welfare could be in jeopardy. more on this angle of the growing sequestration shut down. >> the lights are on here at the capitol, but really, nobody is at home. waiting until the very last minute to act, and many are surprised at what congressional leaders and the president are doing. by all appearances lawmakers here in washington are not that worried about the trillion dollar cut set to go into place in less than two weeks. the president spent the weekend golfing with tiger woods in florida. congress this at home on vacation and also the capital are virtually empty.
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>> i have never seen it so empty before. >> there are many who are worried about the impact of sequestration. they are called citizens, like amanda farrell. >> i just feel like they are out of touch with the rest of us. you are talking about possibly devastating some communities. that is our livelihood. >> sequestration calls for $1.2 trillion in cut starting march 1, $85 billion this year. >> with possibly tens of thousands of people losing their jobs as the result of these cutbacks, many cannot believe lawmakers are not even in town to work out a deal. >> it is scary, and a lot of people are angry, because it feels like they don't care. >> congressional leaders say they will work on trying to come up with the deal once they are back from their vacation, but
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nobody is expecting they will avoid the big cuts that will take place starting march 1. kendis gibson, abc 7 news. >> some late developments tonight in the investigation into the carnival cruise ship triumph. >> elrich plan reveals her future plans. how this chapter of her career could prove quite lucrative. >> doug is back to tell us which part of the region could see a wet start in the morning.
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>> only keep fuel line is being blamed for the engine room far that crippled the carnival cruise ship triumph. a coastguard officer revealed because today, but she says the bull executive -- a full investigation is expected to
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take six months. more than four thousand passengers were stranded under mayors oral conditions after the ship lost power last week. >> elrich lynn is hitting the speaking circuit. she selected the same agency that president clinton used to book his various speaking engagement. her time is worth a lot of money. she is expected to be paid into the six figures per speech, once she starts making appearances in the spring. >> i would do this for free, it is so much fun. it really is. let's get to it here and show you what is going on around the area. a live look at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. almost dark, 35 degrees.
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if you lived in maryland for 60 years, you know these things, too. fairfax, 42. the air is very dry. it is still dry, and this will work in our favor when the moisture comes in in the morning. we will not see a whole lot in the way of precipitation but it could mean a little snow or sleet. 42 and 22 are the high and low at reagan national airport. we start shivering, remembering back to this morning when it was in the teens. even along the waterways it was in the 20's. now we are at 39 in washington. 43 degrees in fredericksburg. clouds will increase tonight 28-32 by morning and the clouds
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will be increasing as the warrant front -- warm front comes in pittsburg of 41 and the leading edge of the moist air will get close enough to the -- that is the warm front and then temperatures will climb to the 50 degree range late in the afternoon. when the cold front comes in with showers later in the evening, we think we could have a potential issue in a few spots. about 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, the front will quickly turned to rain and then climb to about 50 degrees turning colder by late tomorrow night. partly sunny and when day with highs of only 38 wednesday gold again thursday. another disturbance, mostly cold rain friday and saturday. then it will be back in the upper 40's by the end of next week.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> this is an exciting time. we head towards tournament time in college basketball. the new rankings are out. indiana is number one, miami is number two. duke dropped 2/7 after losing to maryland. it was an incredible scene at the comcast center. they never backed off, never panicked. alex had 19 points, nine rebounds. kept the tournament hopes alive but this afternoon, time to move on. >> i told them to enjoy the duke game until that night, that morning, whenever it was. taking care of business.
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>> for baseball fans after cold weekend in florida, it was a warmer day for the nationals. got up to 67 degrees this afternoon. everybody seemed happy about that, especially the pictures. an all-star lineup. expectations are high. does it add pressure? >> the pressure is what you make of it. if you have expectations of yourself and you know you can play a certain level and perform that way, you have to do it all the time. we are not sneaking up on anyone. when you know people are after you, you have to perform to a higher level. >> did you ever wonder what the national mascots do when they are not running in the seventh inning? they are out in the black hills of south dakota, visiting mount
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rushmore, getting fired up for the season. they told us if they make the world series, william howard taft will get his face up on mount rushmore. don't believe it. these two guys were playing like it was a title game. you have to like that. kobe bryant taken at at lebron. brandon university, the head coach had a chance to make the shot to pay for a student's tuition. that lucky student, whose name was drawn randomly, will now have his classes paid for banks to the head coach in this half- court shot. the most talked-about round of golf this past weekend was not at riviera or the australian open, it was tiger and the president.
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president obama had a lesson from good karma on saturday and then teed off saturday with tiger woods.
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>> we have a couple of seconds for you to sum up the weather
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forecast. >> tonight the clouds roll in and it will be cold, tomorrow there may be a couple of issues and a couple of spots. there will be a morning mix. i don't think there'll be any -- any issues will be north and west of the metropolitan area. we will have rain showers and gusty winds ahead of a cold front that will send us back into wintry weather by wednesday. moister coming down ahead of this midwestern cold front that will give us showers. there could be a wintry mix before the war our overpowers everything. then quickly it goes back to winterer on wednesday. a cold stretch right through the weekend. we will have a lot more at 11:00. captioned by the national captioning institute
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